EyaClean Pro 350 ML + bottle of 100 ML

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  • BRAND: Eya clean pro
  • Purpose: multi purpose
  • properties: organic 100%
  • specifics: 350ml+100ml


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Features & Compatibility

EyaClean Pro is the first 100% natural all-purpose cleaning product!
EyaClean Pro is made from 100% natural materials extracted from trees, plants and herbs and is carefully manufactured without any unpleasant or pungent odors in addition to antibacterial properties
Our team of best experts has crafted EyaClean Pro with great care from natural ingredients that do not harm you or your loved ones.
EyaClean Pro is used to clean stains and dirt instantly without any chemicals added.
EyaClean Pro was established in Turkey in 2018, and the product is successfully distributed in more than 20 countries around the world.

the components:
Naturals: Filtered Water, Citrus, Lime Leaf Extract, Foam 1%.
Fit for all purposes:
Tough oil stains
ceramic floors
Bathroom cabins and windows
Car seats and engines
Copper and silver
Curtains and natural leather.

Organic product
Fighting against the Covid-19 virus
100% safe
without color
without the smell
Fit for all purposes

Sizes and ways of use:

350 ml: It can be used to clean places and small spaces such as cars, bathrooms, and accessories…. etc
1 liter: It can be used to clean home windows, tables and furniture.
5 liters: It can be used in large areas such as cleaning floors.

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